Our ambition is to see an East Renfrewshire where people work together to shape their communities. 

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An East Renfrewshire community phoneline for local people and organisations looking for support, signposting and community information.

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Mon-Fri 10am - 3pm on:

0141 876 9555




Information and resources for community groups, organisations and community members who work with us to coordinate volunteering efforts across East Renfrewshire

the Community hub

VAER, together with East Renfrewshire Council and Health & Social Care Partnership are operating a Community Hub help line to coordinate the wonderful community response across East Renfrewshire. 

want to help out?

Information and resources for those who want to help out


A community shop, café and shop used by local people, community groups and organisations 

The Market Place

Join the local movement in East Ren to end loneliness


Join the East Ren wide conversation and share your ideas to help us to create the future together

We Care East Ren

How can we help?


Advice & Support


Whether you’re preparing to start a new community group, looking to promote your opportunities or simply looking to get involved locally, we can help you achieve your goals.


Getting Involved

Groups & Events

Collective Impact


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