What is Primary Care?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Your local G.P or the hospital; these are the places people regularly go to for check-ups, appointments and help with everything from the common cold to regular treatments. However, there are alternatives.

Feeling unwell or looking for some health advice, where do you go?

Most people automatically think of their G.P and often forget about pharmacists, opticians and even their dentists. All together these services are often called 'Primary Care Services' or your fist point of contact. They are there to offer support, advice and treatment....so what do you think of them?

"I love my pharmacist. She knows me and I would rather speak to her than my G.P."

How do you access these services at the moment? Are there any barriers that you have experienced or are still experiencing? Where do you go for advice on health? Are there places you wish you could go?

Join us as we explore your experiences of Primary Care in East Renfrewshire. Share your story online, on social media or even pop in to see us in Barrhead or Newton Mearns...your experiences matter!

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