The right support in the right time

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Timing is important for many things, but especially for getting the support you need.

“When I was leaving the hospital, I was given some leaflets on my condition. I was still coming to terms with my news...it was just too much, too soon."

Timing and the right support are a perfect match. We all know getting the right support or treatment is the only way to cure an illness or even start a recovery journey. However, getting this support too late (or even too early) can increase recovery time or, in some cases, prevent it completely.

Fighting Fires

Journeys to recovery can have there ups and downs, but at times it can seem like supports are fighting fire after fire, dealing with each problem as they appear rather than dealing with the initial blaze. This type of treatment puts a lot of pressure on services and can make someones recovery journey more tricky than straight forward. Is this your experience of support or did you have a smoother path?

Information overload

Too much, too soon! Getting information is important, but getting it all at once, or at the wrong time is not always helpful. The timing of information is as important as the treatment itself. Information needs to be passed on when you are ready for it to be useful. Is there information you wish you had been given? Where are the best places to get this information?

What are your experiences of getting the right supports and timing of them? How did you get you the information you need, how much choice, control and flexibility did you have of this?

Get Involved

Over the coming months we will be speaking to people, living, working and volunteer in East Ren to find out what their experiences are.

Without your voices and experiences we can't make changes...help us create a better East Ren now and in the future.

Share your story online, on social media or pop in to see us in Barrhead or Newton Mearns...your experiences matter!

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